Private Bookings at The Spirit Circle

Be Immersed in Unique Experiences

Whether you’re planning a hen party, an epic birthday blowout or just looking for an excuse for a special shindig, we’ve got you covered with private bookings at The Spirit Circle.

An Unconventional Adventure Awaits

Your celebration should be as unique as the occasion itself. At The Spirit Circle, we offer experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Sensorium, with its sensory experiments and bespoke cocktails, takes you on a journey through taste and aroma, exploring your subconscious to reveal the drink you truly desire. 

On the other hand, Belfast By The Glass transports you through history via meticulously crafted drinks and storytelling. Both options offer a departure from the ordinary and bring a whole new meaning to marking life’s milestones. 

Belfast's Interactive Sensory Cocktail Experience

Sensorium is an interactive sensory cocktail experience that will take your taste buds on a wild ride. Here, you'll discover the drinks your subconscious desires through a series of sensory experiments that are sure to baffle and amaze you. This 2.5-hour experience includes two tall drinks and two bespoke cocktails that are carefully crafted to delight your senses. Sensorium is perfect for those who crave an adventurous and unconventional approach to cocktails.

A History of Belfast… Sip by Sip

For those who appreciate history and the art of storytelling, Belfast By The Glass is the perfect choice. This experience takes you through the captivating chapters of Belfast's history, all through carefully curated cocktails. Six drinks, six chapters, and six incredible stories await you in the elegant parlour of one of Belfast's most historic buildings, where you'll find yourself nestled beside a roaring fire.

Belfast By The Glass allows you to sip your way through Belfast's past, one delicious chapter at a time. From the tales of early industry and shipping to the city's cultural renaissance, each cocktail is a piece of history in a glass. It's an experience that combines the sophistication of a classic cocktail lounge with the rich, evocative narratives of a bygone era.

Private Bookings Bespoke To Your Needs

Whether you're planning a hen party, stag party, birthday celebration, or any special occasion, our team is ready to help you create a memorable event.

Our private booking options offer flexibility in both location and size. Choose to have your experience hosted at The Spirit Circle venue itself, surrounded by the charm and history of the National Bank Building, or have the entire experience brought to you. Our fully mobile setups ensure that you can enjoy our unique cocktail experiences in the comfort of your chosen location.

At The Spirit Circle, we understand that every celebration is unique, and we are committed to making your event exceptional. Our team will work with you to customise the Sensorium or Belfast By The Glass experiences to suit your occasion and preferences. We'll ensure that your private booking is a perfect fit for your event.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your private booking options and discover the magic of The Spirit Circle for your next event.

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